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What to do when things go out of control in life ?

Relax and wait for the right time - Its always better to wait when time is in your favor as small task becomes a burdensome one in such conditions . Taking a break pays off most of the time in adverse situations leaving you energized to fight back when life showers back its luck on you . Relaxing on right time will not only result in victory but also in the enhanced state of your mind , body and soul .

Think of your past achievements and cherish your hard work - Everyone has achieved success amidst difficult circumstances on basis of hard work and dedication and so do you . Why not remember the endeavors made by you in the past to accomplish tasks when there is least chance of success in the present . Treat yourself as a motivational icon for the vast numbers of hurdles you came across throughout your journey till now .

Learn from others - Learning life is a piece of cake , you just need to have a good tutor to impart its lessons to you in an easy manner . And no one can be as chaste as your counterparts in doing so . Read about other people who have faced similar difficult conditions and found ways to overcome them . Taking into account their stories of struggles and achievements will boost your spirit to its zenith and thus would activate the hidden capabilities of human spirit in you resulting in a more better you . Knowing about others journey from pain to pleasure will ignite the lost hope in your heart and you will shine like a star .

Face life with fun - Choose from activities that you really enjoy and perform it though it be a hobby or anything that inspires and rejuvenates you . Hobbies are door to restful state of mind and body which is very significant in shaping the outlook towards life and its challenges . Hobbies and fun activities directly relate to carefree days of our childhood and what could be as more uplifting as memories of youth . Being care - free is the best mantra for coping with unfavorable situations . Pamper yourself to the extent till your inner child awakens and revitalizes your inner strength .

Pray to God - Connect with God who created every planet and its pebbles . Surrender yourself to almighty and you will see things changing in a positive direction . Everything will seem fruitful and positive once we believe in the omnipresent . We will understand that everything is temporary and so are our problems and circumstances . We can easily keep calm in bad situations of life if we connect with the source of calmness and peace and that is God. We cannot count on life for blissful outcome of our turmoil but we can rely on God for it always : given that we believe in his presence and justice .

Keep good company = Our surroundings and environment has always been potent in our upbringing and development . When facing a challenging time , a good company is just what we need . A well wisher is always a delight and should always be cherished . Encircling you with good company not only expands your knowledge but also increases your fighting spirit . A good friend has the power to implant motivation in you and to bring you out of the hell hole . In times of dire need , a supporter is like a messiah who can help you cross life’s ocean of struggles by standing by you , holding hands in hands , ready to face any storms that life offers .

Read good books – books are best friends - “ Books are our best companions ” - and we should certainly believe in this quote . Books ravages the intense darkness of ignorance and enlightens our life with knowledge and wisdom . Reading books can prove to be a well applied method in our battle with adverse conditions . Books are equally important as any other material that could decrease the intensity of our sufferings and sorrow . Exhaustion and stress which could be a by-product of war with unacceptable circumstances can easily be handled by engaging our mind in constructive activities like reading a book . Each text of a valuable literary work can prove to be a effective potion for self-improvement .

Do Meditation - Just by breathing in and breathing out mindfully one can lead a blissful and heavenly life . The one thing that we all feel deprived off and crave for most in mind - boggling situations is peace and to achieve the state of tranquility in hard times one must do meditation as it purifies the soul from all negativities . Life is full of ups and downs . Going through the downs can be casually managed by meditation and other relaxation techniques . Even science gives emphasis to ancient techniques like meditation and yoga and accept its importance and effects in cleansing the mind and body . Nothing can give a more miraculous impact on our complete persona than meditation . It is quite rewarding as it employs very less time of our day but bestows positive effects throughout the day .

Forgive – don’t take to heart - Donate kindness even to those who doesn’t treat you right in your bad days as its not their fault but is of destiny and bad times . Don’t get frustrated over failures because they are not signs of incompetency but inevitable part of bad times . It totally depends on us to see someone as friend or foe and this perspective will always prove to be a game changer in the battle for victory . Do not let dismissive thoughts perch upon you .

Take it as a test - Sometimes challenges removes the boredom from our lives and help us unleash the profound potential hidden within . Just like a goldsmith introduces heat to gold to increase its value , in the same way , life exposes us to intense difficulties to bring out the best in us . The bearer of hard- earned success can always walk with his head high , as he has accomplished a milestone by dint of his dedication . Success achieved on your merit and never dying endeavors is always drooled for rather than anything that is handed over to you by mere co- incidence .

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