• Rac Agarwal

3 essential items to cherish this pandemic

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Face Mask : The world is calling for role models & motivational icons in this period of our test . Be the one to motivate & inspire each and every human on this planet by using appropriate masks . Issue helping hands to the vast number of martyrs fighting against the pandemic outbreak day & night just to make our life peaceful . Always wear a mask whenever you do a task .

Sanitizer : Offer ultimate care to yourself with quality sanitizers . Forming a good habit & spreading it amongst your community , specially in this time of need is a noble act . Think of yourself as brothers & sisters of others & distribute & donate sanitizers as much as possible .

Gloves : Give emphasis to your hygiene always and use gloves . Though it be any task you do , always keep a pair of gloves handy and encourage your fellows to do so . Wiser souls never buy things that are old – Keep yourself updated in this period of distress and use latest products . We should ensure that we should abide by our duty as humans and impart free knowledge about self-care and hygiene .



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