• Rac Agarwal

An Empowering women : Marie Curie

Only raising once voice against a sick orthodox practice has not always been a game-changer in the fight for bringing its victim out of their pathetic state but also requires great deal of sacrifice and dedication to accomplish such task . A story of modern woman holds resemblance with this . Now-a-days , women , apart from looking after their family , also contribute towards the quest for unleashing the potential of technology and science at its highest point .

Madam Curie , the lady discoverer of Radium , is an icon for all of us as her discovery empowered the growth of new branches of science . From medicine to radio therapy , Radium is used as a boon for the human race . Curie’s spell bounding achievement has always been and will be a tool for shaping the life of any woman across the globe , towards the better . By winning the Nobel Prize twice , she created history . The 20th and its descendant centuries will always remain grateful to this noble physicist . A portion of words spoken in Warsaw will always constitute of praises for this inspiring lady .



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