• Rac Agarwal


Updated: Aug 26, 2020

We sometimes face rejections and this happening builds pleasure degrading elements around us and we tend to lose the grip on our ambitions . For sure , in your dreams you can turn into one who has a wide fan following and can feel the joy associated with it .Constant dreaming is a sign of reliance on the truth that one day your dreams will be fulfilled and will be celebrated . Triumphant contestants of life’s skirmishes never fears to face criticism related to their dreams. A man who wants his dreams to come true has to face mind-boggling situations in life and also has to gain a reputation for being persistent in dreaming . Dreams is home to tranquility but not to resentment . Even piles of cash cannot purchase dreams as dreams are not traded. Dreams lays the foundation of positive thinking and surrounds us with eternal joy . Life without dreams is like a life in dungeon because dream is the only element that adorns our life on this earth like alcazars . Dreams disunites us with worldly burdens and connect us with infinite source of merriment . The desire for turning our dreams to reality loads us with tons of self motivating traits which aids the migration of dreams from its land to ours even amidst great hardships. Age might cease the creation of new body cells but not of of our dreams as dreams are inaccessible by it .

“ One who dares to Dream , deserves to Win !! “



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