• Rac Agarwal

Friendship is made in heaven

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

“ From mugs to cards and even books from Heaven ,

Are pale in front of your Friend Oh Man !

But care is worth when they are expressed ,

With some matter not to just impress ! .

Tons of fables are penned on your relationship with your pals and why they shouldn't be written as friendship is the most special feeling in the world . What could be more beautiful than being surrounded by dear friends being in the state of extreme nostalgia . Pamper your peers and get astounding love in return . Nurture your friendship with care and honesty and implant genuine help in their life because - “A friend in need is a friend indeed “ . Jot down small and minute memories with your buddies and capture them with gadgets loaded with lenses . Break apart the walls of grudges with all and offer a hand shake to them and feast on the warmth that will be a by-product of doing so . Seal all misunderstandings in your relationship with your friends and present souvenir they will cherish life long . Nor the money nor any wealth can be compared with the care that is really felt .Loose a little from your pocket of love . in order to make friends because without loss there is no gain . Be the shadow of your friend and infuse a encouragement and motivation in your friends in all walks of life . Gifts are a symbol of affection and why deprive your dear ones with your fondness .



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