• Rac Agarwal

Hardship marks the beginning of happiness

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Parcels of melancholy when constantly delivered at your door step can easily let tears roll down your cheeks . But this liquid , which is a by-product of your misfortune renovates the

demolition caused by destiny . The secretion of tears from our eyes is a well-designed mechanism by the Lord as it aids the excretion of unwanted hormones from our body which is secreted when under notable distress . In our quest to find the acme of joy , we must not discard the truth that pain and pleasure both are inevitable phenomenon .In our relentless crusade of finding solace we must not forget the tough rules of life and its consequences if not abided by . Deep vigilance and survey is required to discover theories of this chameleonic life . Warding of bad luck is so tiring that it can easily shatter the high spirits in humans and deprive them of cent percent rest . All negativity by nature are abhorred by the environment but it still makes a place somewhere in the world . Don’t be a passive victim of life but show courage , and fights back. A well filled nook and cranny of life with peace is the utmost desire that burn in our heart and we strive for it day and night . Our body is mortal , so are our sorrows then why to let hopelessness be a part of our thoughts ? Craving for more and more only will handover a state of restlessness to us , even though if it leads to a life drooled over for by others. Our positive outlook towards life is the only potion for the attainment of peace . Lamenting over failures will make it really hard for you to attain calmness , even though it is sometimes inevitable . To encounter good luck one need to be a encounter the bad first . Par excellence ways of gathering well-sought after memories lies in the art of living and to hold excellence in this art , one must diligently live every moment with satisfaction .



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