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How to build self confidence ?

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Self-confidence can be difficult to develop, We've put together some helpful tips to help you out. If you're still having trouble even after trying these self-help ideas, don't worry! We've also listed ways to find additional support and build your self-confidence with the help of others.

Developing self-confidence is an extremely important skill and it will help you to be successful in life. People who lack self-confidence struggle in their life and find something difficult and are always afraid to do something different.

And people don't always endorse a project with someone who lacks self-confidence. On the flip side, people invest in any project with a confident person who knows what they are saying, confidently answers questions and walks towards their goal, and isn't interested in what other people are saying.

What is self-confidence?

Self-confidence is the ability to believe in yourself to accomplish any task, no matter the difficulties and challenges. There is no doubt that some people have confidence in their genetics, but there are many ways to build self-confidence; it means that it can be trained and developed as we will see.

Steps on How to Build Self Confidence

As we've said before, sometimes self-confidence is genetic, but it can be trained and developed. The following steps will help you build your self-confidence:

1.- Prepare:

Regular care will ensure your safety. So you have to be in shape and take the time to keep a professional look, always take a shower, wear perfume and deodorant, clean and arrange your hair, brush your teeth and dress well and keep in mind " A picture is worth a thousand words"

• If you are going to be interviewed for a new job or position, it should be nice, because the image you create in people's minds directly influences their decisions.

• When you prepare, people will like you, feel better around you, and think positively of you. They will think like "yes it looks good"

2- Think positive:

Everyone has positive and negative thoughts, but we have to deal with negative thoughts because people who think badly of themselves don't trust each other.

So don't say "I can't do this", "It will never work" or "This is not achievable but stop and think positively and say "I can do this", "I am amazing and it will work, I will win."

• You need to think positively, especially when you are feeling down because by thinking positively you can improve your mood and overcome any difficulties or obstacles.

• If you want to develop self-confidence, it is important to focus on the good things, not to think about the bad things, but to think about how to overcome them, to find humor in the bad situations and to turn failure into lessons learned.

• Find and surround yourself with positive people, mentors, and colleagues. These people will foster a sense of empowerment and help you think positively and develop yourself. A confident person inspires people around him and gains self-confidence.

3- Behave positively:

If you act positively, people will like you, thank you, and accept you, it will make them more confident.

• Build self-confidence by helping people, serving people, volunteering to do good things, smiling at people, and thanking people who do good things and believe in themselves, overcome bad things and do the right things that you have learned.

• When you're not doing something, think about why it failed and what you can do to avoid it next time. You can ask someone with experience for advice on how to avoid failure again.

• Do what you think is right even if others criticizing you. And don't manage your behavior based on what other people say or think, but on what you believe.

4- Prepare:

If you want to be successful at something, you will feel better if you are ready to be successful.

• Suppose you have a test, you need to study and take tests and practice tests. You must be ready to pass the exam

• Likewise, if you meet new people or go to an interview, you need to be prepared. And if you are going to attend a meeting, you need to put together all the information you need to feel ready, as it will help you be confident and successful.

• If you can't do something you want to do, you have to learn how you can do it and repeat it over and over again to gain confidence.

5- Belief in your abilities:

Belief in your capability, even if others do not believe in you. Focus on your goals and your strengths .

Everyone is good at something, so focus on the areas you're good at and learn how you can use them to build confidence and achieve success in life.

6 SMART Goals:

To be on the safe side, don't risk failing, so your goal should be a SMART goal:

SMART stands for:

S: specific

M: measurable

A: achievable

R: realistic

T: time management

7- Set small goals

• If you have a big goal, break it down into smaller goals to achieve it and gain more confidence. For example, if you want to start a great business, don't think about how I can do it right now. But what can I do every day to reach my goal?

• If you reach your small goals, you will feel more secure and better in yourself because you are on the right track to reaching your big goal.



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