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How to develop a revenue generating relaxation app easily ?

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Staying tall today in days of competition and hardship has never been more tough and to gather financial resources in life is toughest .Means of accumulating financial resources are many but not always a delight considering certain circumstances . It takes a great deal of time to excel in professional qualities and Niche in the market of your service .When there is a vast queue of experienced peoples waiting their you turn there are also vast number of people who are just newbies and in such case online platform have merged as a vital tool for making a living for a new comers especially . Today , let us discuss about Fiverr , one of the most prominent online freelance platform and how to make a revenue generating meditation and motivation app taking its and others online websites as well.The app that we will know how to make hold resemblance with a very popular meditation and inspiring app named "RelaxShed".

About Relaxshed

RelaxShed | Meditation & Motivational Platform


RelaxShed “ has been designed with utmost care- giving importance to the expectation of the users using a unique mixture of voice-over , music and sound along with quotes .Now-a-days everyone wants to be relaxed . Keeping this is mind RelaxShed have introduced - a one-stop platform where you will find different updates and updated guided imagery meditations & motivational quotations , in a completely new style and of a new genre on its own . Soothing , relaxing and calming sounds have been exclusively selected with great prejudice on our side to accompany you on this journey of meditation . You will keep getting the exact things you want , the exact way you want , exclusively on “ RelaxShed ” - an app cum meditation platform . They have done their utmost for the sounds and designs so that users may truly enjoy the app and feel peace , relaxed and happiness from the very first use itself .s

Development and designing

For this purpose , you need a Fiverr account . After logging in explore the gigs and find the right seller for you . There are various options for finding the seller for you to choose from . First , get an app developer. You can get a native app developed if it suits your budget or cross platform or app both android and ios in low cost You can easily get an app developer from Fiverr around $10 as you will encounter my dear sellers who are willing to negotiate whole-heartedly . You can get app developer and UI / UX designer together , but you can choose separately . For well rated app designer ,starting rate is around $ 10 . Once your can is done , you will get all the files from the seller which they will explain you about in a well manner .You can use search engines also to know about process involved in deploying the app that is developed or can request the seller to do so.

Landing page

Now it is time for getting a landing page . Developing it is optional . For that it will cost around $10 if you get it developed via Fiverr .You can get royalty free images from unsplash.com . You can get a domain from GoDaddy or blue host at affordable price. Select a domain related to the theme of the App . Its better to go for .com domains as you app has a global market.

Graphic designing

Now you can focus on the contents ,For that you can use canva.com for free designing tools and templets or you can hire a professional from Fiverr . For this graphic designer will take $1 to 3 per images that you want to get designed . You get any file format like JPEG OR PNG .We would suggest you go for JPEG , small size to make the app faster .

Background music

For the background music to be accompanied with the quotes , you can choose from variety of music like chill out , jazz , blues , meditation music , piano based , choir and acoustic guitar based music . Music you can get an economical price from hooksound.com or you can get music from fiverr's sellers as well .

Voice over

You can order voice-over even for $5 . You can choose British , American and Neutral English as accent and you can bargain also quite a lot . You can even record voice over in your voice too in case you don't want to spend much.

Mixing an mastering

This you can do by yourself by using audio editing softwares like audacity ,wavepad or any audio editing tools .You can also hire a professional from fiverr or any other freelance platforms for .Mixing and mastering can be done by yourself also by simply following easy tutorials available online..


There are many genre of meditation like guided imagery ,transcendental etc .You can get custom made meditation or pre made meditation from sellers on Fiverr .Pre made meditation could be possessed in around $10 if you are good at bargaining skills whereas custom made ones are a bit costly as you have to arrange for the music ,script,voice over and mixing mastering separately.

Relaxing sound and music

Pre made sounds and music costs less in comparison to custom made ones.You can get sounds from websites like pond 5 etc or you can get it from fiver's sellers also,

The Bottom line

Above we discussed some of the important steps that will help you to make a an meditation and quotes based app .But it totally depends on you to choose the the best ways for making an app for meditation and relaxation like the one discussed in this article .Good luck.



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