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Lavender in Provence, France

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Lavender is one of the most famous aroma or perfume that has enthralled humans for centuries. With its mild under notes and suffusing in calmness all around, Lavender is a favourite of the masses. It also carries so called medicinal benefits that are natural remedies for things such as headaches and stomach pain although this claim is scientifically debated.Lavender meanwhile remains a calm collection of scent evoking a floral memory and nature.

Lavender is grown mostly in temperate climates where the air becomes suffused with the claim of its scent all around while the purple field of lavender shiver and swoon in the light

wind that carries both the echoes of its whisper and smell. One of the most famous places where lavender fields are to be expected and are rather held dear by the residents is in the Provence region of France, with fields exuberant with the crop and the aroma of its essence.

The reeds are lush and bows with the weight of the mauve or lavender buds and they express

a sort of beauty that one is hard pressed to find in the wild in such abundance. The wind cajoles them at their ends and rushes through the bunch of them like some happy puppy romping in the wild. The wind remains ecstatic and bountiful and the sound it makes as it makes its way through the large fields is rather soothing and heavenly.Lavender introduces itself from far away and spreads its bouquet in brightening jets of infused air with the aid of the wind. The fields are wide and lush and the wind dances to be in the presence of such beauty. Provence is a geographical region and historical province of south-eastern France, which extends from the left bank of the lower Rhone to the west to the Italian border to the east, and is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the south. The French country is truly come alive in these displays of aromatic splendor. The weather is just this side of tart with the sun shinning brightly and the trees whisper too. Still but not silent, stable but not voiceless. The allure of the heat is truly amazing. People walk out to stare at the surroundings with hazy lilted eyes that catch the eavesdropper wind as it maps out it’s shape by rushing through the throng of trees and weeds and bushes and the stark crackle of the sinewy branches is something else.

The earth itself lends an odour to the crops growing on it’s chest and mingles it with the sweetness of the smells emanating from them. The whole bouquet is somewhat earnest with it’s truth and vitality. To taste this smell would be to crunch into a juicy mouthful of the freshest and beguiling bite of nature’s bounty, with an aroma so entrenched in the soil itself that it would become a game of figuring out where it starts and where you would begin. The lushness is to be expected but the touch is perhaps a surprise to most. The ends of the blossoms prickle the pad of the palm and tickles the edge of the lines drawn on it. It tries to leave behind a hint of its existence no matte where it was found and you can be sure that you will continue to smell of lavender from that field in Provence should you ever attempt to pass through it. It is rather adamant at leaving it’s memory into your pores.Take a deep breath, let the smell tough your lungs and you have truly let the emotions of the flowers touch you deep and clean. Just as you deserve. And just as they do.



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