• Rac Agarwal

Spring - Poem

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Flock of birds and lots of robins ;

The mighty carrions - the foe of coffins .

Will dance in spring for which we are hopin” ;

The giver of matter for the poplin .

Lot of things seen in this season ;

Is surely a delight to the vision .

Will come this spring on earth with mission ;

The chicks of cuckoo and the pigeon .

Buds of flowers will create great passion ;

For it in eyes of the cravers of fashion .

Than the summer ,it will be less hotter ;

the coming season this annum”s quarter .

A breeze very cooling will caress the body ;

Of anything simple or be gaudy .

All the love for the tulips;

Will be expressed this season by making it's heaps .



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