• Rac Agarwal

The clever fairy

Once there lived, in a kingdom, two fairies. One was tiny and the other one was big. The tiny fairy had less magical powers then the bigger one. The tiny fairy didn’t used to get any importance in comparison to the bigger fairy and was thus was sad and disappointed. One day the king invited all the notable citizens of his kingdom ,including the big fairy,to celebrate the prince’s wedding , but he didn’t invite the tiny fairy .She was very hurt by the insult and so he left his kingdom. One day ,when the king was feasting on a fish , a bone got stuck in his throat and he cried for help. The Royal doctor did whatever he could do but was unable to help the king.The king called for the big fairy and asked her to help him . The big fairy used all her magical powers but failed to provide comfort to the king.Two days passed and the bone was still stuck in the king’s throat. The news of the kings ill health ,spread far and wide.As soon as the tiny fairy heard the news, she at once rushed to help the king. She asked the king to open his mouth. The king did as she asked her to do .Taking advantage of her small size ,she entered the king’s mouth, went deep inside the throat and removed the bone out from his throat. The king breathe a sigh of relief. The king felt very ashamed and realized his mistake of not giving importance to the tiny fairy.He apologized to the clever tiny fairy and requested her to become his new courtier .The tiny fairy accepted the job and since then she started to live a happy life as a respected citizen.

Moral: Every one have their own worth.



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