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The evergreen Tea

Spreading aroma and altering a stale mood is the core trait of the evergreen Camellia Sinensis . No other drink can compete tea - a drink so widely served across the globe . Tea add meaning to empty evenings and to our mornings . It provides cooling sensations to our taste buds and also offer flavor to people having a sweet tooth . Vast in variety , tea originated in a number of notable areas on this earth but spread far and wide to delight beverage lovers across the globe . Tender leaves of this plant are turned to white tea which is less- processed and sun-dried which delivers mild flavor . The Black tea is renowned as being fully oxidized , crushed up to a greater extent than its counterparts , whereas , the Green one is refrained from it . Tea is not exempted from experimentations and often fermented in some cultures . A much sought-after an anti-obesity component , tea can do wonders to our body . What could be a more relief-providing beverage in hot summers other than ice-tea . Pouring tea from different heights aids different degrees of aeration which modulates the flavor of tea to a far extent . In South Asia , this art of pouring tea from heights has reached its heights as the black tea mixed with condensed milk are poured from a height alternatively from matching hand-held vessels many times in quick succession . Rich in calmness-providing elements , tea is ideal for anyone who seek refreshment by means of beverages . Tea is theme for various ceremonies in popular cultures and is also source of earning for millions . Tea give a tough competition to any beverage specially in the United Kingdom as a vast population of it are tea lovers . Welcoming guests by offering tea is a priority amongst every nook and cranny of certain countries . A well served combo of tea and confectioneries adds a golden touch to any ordinary evenings or morning . Tea makes way to each and every Turkish household and is widely consumed as a hot drink with great preference . Turkey is boosts of being one the largest producers and exporters of tea in the world with having the highest per-capita consumption of it . Even Iranians and Russians are known to have a rich tea-history and they whole-heartedly serve it in their social gatherings . Tea is the most accepted beverage in India , as it provides refreshment in domestic and official surroundings . A large variety of beverages made from tea mixed with exotic spices and condiments is what this country also boosts of . Countries having abundance in milk and sugar use them as a flavor enhancer of tea and serve delicious mocktails from tea and them . From well-crafted tea bags to ordinary-packed ones, tea is marketed in all forms of packaging amongst its consumers across the globe . The firm roots of this plant adorns houses of many as quality furnishings are made for suiting luxurious interiors .



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