• Rac Agarwal

The faithful friend

Once upon a time,there lived a  unicorn and his master. .The unicorn had magical wings and intuitive powers.He used to warn his master against any danger.He was the apple of his master’s eyes.Each day he would mount on it and fly high above the clouds.One day it’s master had to leave for a city nearby . He tied the unicorn to a pole with a rope and with a heavy heart bedded him good bye. The whole day passed but his master didn’t returned.At night the unicorn slept. The next day ,when he woke up,he found his master standing near him,.He was very happy to see his master.The master introduced his  new mistress to the unicorn,whom he married the previous day,after she saved him from a ogres.He ordered the unicorn to let her new mistress ,mount on him.But he refused to do so.Out of anger the master ordered it to leave him forever.with heavy heart he flew high above the sky and was no more to be seen.One day when the master returned home,from work,he found some ogres sitting on the sofa.He called for his wife but there was no answer.Actually his wife had sold his house to the ogres and had ran away with the money.Out of anger ,he tried to knock down the ogres but failed.The ogres punched him badly and as they were about to kill him,there came in the unicorn.it started kicking the ogres with his strong legs and the caused them to run for their live.The master realized his mistake and patted the unicorn on it’s head.From that time they again started to live a happy life together.

MORAL: We should not leave our old friends for new ones.



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