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The scribbler who nurtured Harry potter

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

J.K. Rowling can be regarded as one of the best novelists of this century. Although her real name is Joanne Rowling, her pseudo name is J.K. Rowling. She is a British novelist who gained popularity by her famous Harry Potter series. The Harry Potter series was a whole life changing event for Rowling. Rowling a difficult childhood and the Harry Potter series bought fame and wealth to Rowling. She has millions of fans all over the world. In February 2013 she was assessed as the 13th most powerful woman in the United Kingdom by Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4.

Rise to Fame:

She started writing the Harry Potter series in 1990 after a four hour delayed train trip from Manchester to London gave her the inspiration. In 1995 she finished the first book- Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Initially the first Harry Potter book was rejected by twelve publishing houses until a year later Bloomsbury finally agreed to publish it. Later on, the book won the British Book Award for Children’s Book of the Year. Reading her books always transported everyone into a magical world full of wizards and goblins. Rowling is a great author who has her way of spinning stories and captivating everyone’s heart.

Record breaking sales:

The remaining books of the series went ahead and sold millions of copies all over the world. It could still be considered as one of the best children’s book of the 21st century. Every book in the series sold record breaking copies. The last four Harry Potter books have successively set records as the fastest selling books in history. Especially the last and final part-Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows broke its predecessor’s record as fastest selling book of all time. It sold 11 million copies on its first day of release in United Kingdom and United States.

Success of Harry Potter:

Harry Potter franchise now worth billions . Every book of the series has been made into a film which broke the box-office records and is considered as the highest grossing films of all times.



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