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The talent on the banks of the river

There exists a lot of people in the world but only few are there who live in true sense . This story is about one such being , who not only made his life meaningful but also set up a bench mark for strugglers all over his home town . In a small town , situated near The Bhramaputra , there lived a boy , a poor one . But Instead of living under poverty line he had some riches that even the Forbes rankers would cry for . Each day this boy would get up , rush outside , turn his face towards the glowing star and would pray to it . Then he would not loiter about the town like his ordinary counterparts , rather he would visit the bank of the river , place old dirty and torn pieces of paper that he accumulates from the trash each day and would sketch the scenery in front of his eyes with fragments of coal lying there . Well this half burned coals were left by peoples who used to campfire each winter’s night . He would first draw the outlines and then would fill it . The whole day long , he would be busy , completing his sketch and would not go home , until the small stars overpowers the bigger one . The results of his endeavor was always excellent . One day when , he left for the bank , while he was passing by a primary school , his eyes fell on a bill pasted on it’s wall . He stood in front of the bill and started to read that was printed on it . Instead of not being enrolled in school , he had learned to read . A broad smile spread across his face and he jumped out of joy . In the poster it was written that , a painting competition is being organized by a social club and anyone who wants to participate can fill in the form , being distributed at the town’s cinema hall . But it was also written there that , the fee for the form was Rs 50 . The amount was enough to pour cold water on his positive anticipation of winning the contest and with a frowning look on his face , he walked away from there . Unlike other days , he wandered across the town till noon and then went to the cinema hall . There was a throng of well dressed children standing in a cue , with fifty rupee note in their hands and were all set to fill in the form . For the first time in his life , he felt very bad of being poor . Totally hopeless he sat beside the drain and started to gaze at the lucky ones . As he was lamenting over his pathetic condition , a man came near him , ruffled his hairs and asked the reason behind his dull mood . Very hesitantly , he narrated everything to him . On listening to his melancholic story , tears started to roll down his cheeks . He rummaged in his pocket , took out a hundred rupee note and gave it to the boy . On seeing the note the boy’s face blossomed . He took the note and asked the man to wait for him . He then rushed to the cinema counter , which was just about to be closed , filled the form , grabbed the 50 rupee note in his hand and rushed back to the drain , but was surprised to find no one there . The man was gone . He felt very bad for a minute . He then firstly , visited Goddess Laxmi’s Temple , offered the fifty rupee note to her and then started for his home . It was almost 11 am by the time he reached home . At home everyone became happy to see him , as they have searched for him , throughout the town . He rushed towards his parents and gave them the good news . Well , for a rickshaw puller that was a mind boggling news . He cried for few moments and hugged his son tightly . After two days , wearing best attire that he could afford with his parents he went to participate in the drawing competition . He was feeling quite nervous on seeing children loaded with colorful drawing goodies . But his mother, who understood the mental condition of her son , gently tickled his cheeks , rubbed his hair and consoled him . Within a couple of moments , the competition started . The judges asked everyone to make a sketch of a place full of snow . Every one started to draw with their branded sketch pencil but he drew with the ordinary one , which his father brought him by working overtime . After an hour, the bell ranged and the participants were asked to stop drawing . All the art works were collected and were presented in front of the jury . After a long discussion , the jury finally came into an amicable decision . The anchor stood on the stage and announced the name of the participants , who would go ahead in the completion and would compete against national level minor painters . By the grace of God and by dint of his hard work , he was also selected . He was very excited and was rewarded with a batch and a box full of crayons. The next day he and his parents , departed for Delhi with the other participants and there families . They were all welcomed at the Delhi station with floral garlands and were taken to the competition hall , in a five star hotel. The hall soon was filled with participants from all over India and media personnel . The children also got the company of internationally famous jury members . With a long speech of the chief guest , the competition began . That day the jury has asked the children to paint a rainy landscape , with any kind of poster colors . Everyone took out their brushes and poster color from their lavish bags and started to paint. The only person who was drawing the scene with crayons was the boy who had nothing but box full of wax crayons . Within few hours the competitors were asked not to paint further . The paintings were taken away and were piled up on the judge’s desk . The judges , seeing the paintings one by one was baffled by the talent of the children . It took the jury almost an hour to come to a decision .They walked up to the stage and after giving a speech they announced the names of the winners . The boy came second in it and began too cry . He went near the judges and asked the reason behind making him the first runners up . Addressing the viewers and participants the senior member of the jury announced that they on the first place had selected the boy as winner but as he had used crayons instead of poster colors , they were bound to do so . Before the judges could have said anything further , the boy’s mother broke the news to them . She told them about their entire pathetic story and why his son has used crayons . On hearing to that , tears started to roll down from everyone’s cheeks . The viewers and participants requested the jury to let the participants compete once more . The jury agreed and equal quality poster colors and brushes were given to winner and the boy and they were asked to paint whatever they like . The jury then announced that the winner will be selected not by them but by the viewers and the children . They started to paint at 4.00 pm and sharp at 4:30 they were ordered to put their brushes on their desks . The paintings were passed on to the jury . The jury very minutely investigated the painting and then showed it to the viewers but before doing that they omitted the contestant’s name from it . The audience unanimously raised their hands in favour of the scenery and the boy was selected as the winner . The scenery was of none but of the reflection of the sun on The Bhramaputra . He was rewarded with a golden medal and a scholarship to pursue his art career abroad . This was a story of a boy , a boy who against all odds , succeeded in life . He proved that any kind of poverty can be eradicated by wealth of determination , in which he abounded in .



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