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Ways to improve personality

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Personality is defined as the characteristic sets of behaviours, cognitions, and emotional patterns that evolve from biological and environmental factors. Every human’s personality is different and unique and hold a particular place in the psyche of humanity itself. While there are certain core personality traits that never quite change or change easily, there can be parts of one’s personality that can be improved upon.Personality is what makes a person charming or caring or smart and suave. Not all are gifted with these traits though. However, it is not a matter of despair seeing how these traits can be built and grown by someone’s own self. All that is required is some dedication of their own part and the knowledge on how to go about acquiring those particular traits in reality.Below are certain methods via which a person can enhance their personality and grow to be a person that is more likeable and an overall good person to be around.

1. Be a better listener – Learn to lend an ear to others both in times of need and in times of

abundance. Listen to what an another person has to say about themselves and their situation. Be kind towards their actions and thoughts. Be attentive to them as they express their thoughts and opinions. You do not have to agree with anything, of course, but it would

behove you to be gentle and kind to others. This will not only increase your internal patience; it will also expand your knowledge about your fellow humans.

2. Read More – Take up reading as both a hobby and a way of life. Learn new things. Become interested in things both new and old. Give equal attention to the past as well as the future. Learn about the human condition and how it has come to be. Read expansively. Gather knowledge in any way or medium you can. Knowledge is never useless, no matter how minuscule. Learn because you can and learn because you want to.

3. Expand your interests – There are many things to learn here. It could be about the Vikings. It could about the stamens of a flower. Don’t get stuck in a particular genre and decide that the rest are unimportant. Keep an open mind. Go out and look for new things and new knowledge. Open up you mind and look at each side of a conversation and you will have won the whole argument.

4. Be positive – Always look towards the positive side. Look at the silver lining in ever storm. Try to find out the best possible thing that can come out from a bad situation. Keep a

positive spin on things. Think of only prosperous possibilities.

5. Be supportive of others – Support others. No man is an island and no man can live alone at the top of the mountain. Be the best you can be, what is within your capability, but don’t let that become a place of discrimination. Help others in ascending to the same summit, because it is your duty as an exemplary human to aim for the best for all.

6. Treat people with respect and care – Humility is a very important part of a person’s integral personality. Being proud without being vain. Being happy without being delirious.

Being caring without being intruding. Being respecting without infantilizing. These are important facets of a good personality that one should strive for with the best of one’s ability. Treat others the way you want to be treated and respect others to gain respect in return.

7. Be yourself – Be your most authentic self. Don’t build a front. Don’t fake your emotions and certainly do not make it so that you lose the way to your core. Be the truest version of you and accept every part of you because only you can show love and acceptance to your soul first and foremost. How other people treat you or how open they are with their affection to you will depend quite a bit on your behaviour to yourself. So, be true and be you.

8. Meet new people – Expand your horizon and meet new people. Look around you and find the interest in you to start a conversation with a person that is socially and economically apart from you. Carry interest in life overall and communicate with others. Look to others for help and knowledge as well and you will never miss opportunities.

9. Hold your opinion – Read up on things, view things that is present around you and have a steady opinion on the things that matter. Holding strong opinions are paramount to building a strong personality as it shows where you stand on a particular issue. Try not to be stubborn in face of proof but be steady in your belief.



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